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Postal Service Shrinking its Urban Footprint

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Courier, Express, and Postal Observer: Postal Service Shrinking its Urban Footprint.

Great observations on how the media, and then public perception, gets twisted and molded incorrectly on postal subjects.  Recent comments made by Senator McCain have also highlighted the fact that even intelligent people can be misinformed by being exposed to only part of a story, some of the facts, or even in some cases – complete fabrications.

The USPS needs to close facilities and morph into a model similar to that of the banks that are in grocery stores. Change will take place.  There will be growing pains.  The alternative is whithering away and dying off.  There really is only one viable choice.

I did a project back in school where I compared daily articles covering the same topic or event in the national editions of the New York Daily News and the New York Post.  The different accounts sometimes made the same story as different as night and day.  Add in the use of misleading headlines, and a casual reader or skimmer could come away with a totally mistaken impression.

I hope the decision makers will gather all the facts, and make the right choices.  They will be difficult choices, but it is something that must be done.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

January 25th, 2011 at 2:04 pm

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