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Mail Service Providers, Beware

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From the RFP Q & A document cited in my previous post –

Q 6: Is the USPS allowed to develop competing products and services that are already being provided by companies in the private sector, when such competition potentially could bring economic harm to some of the USPS’s own best customers?

R 6: The Postal Service believes that it has the authority to promote and increase the use of direct mail by small and medium sized enterprises, to the benefit the overall mailing industry. The Postal Service’s goal is to provide services that continue to add value to the mail process and reach as many customers as possible with solutions that can be offered nationwide.

Think carefully about this before sharing any proprietary information or marketing ideas and suggestions with the USPS.  Read through the Q & A document, and note how many times this is the stock response from the Postal Service:

Q 8: Ref. Sec. 1.2 – Can we be provided with a copy of this research/assessment, or at a minimum the associated executive summaries
R 8: This information is considered proprietary and confidential.

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USPS Q&A on proposed “Direct Mail Solution” partnership

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The USPS has posted answers to questions posed by prospective partners in its proposed “Direct Mail Solution”, which would seek an organization “to partner with the USPS to develop; host; and market a go-to-market strategy.” Full details of the proposal are here, and a Word version of the Q&A is available here.

USPS Q&A on proposed “Direct Mail Solution” partnership – postalnews blog.

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Small Business & Graphic Design News » Email spam may be increasing the effectiveness of direct mail marketing

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