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Translating the DMM Advisory

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I’d like to take a crack at translating a DMM Advisory that came out today.  Here are some of the sections that need translating:

DMM Advisory:
PostalOne!® Release 22.0 (November 15) – The USPS® deployed PostalOne! Release 22 on November 15 to support the Intelligent Mail Full-Service pricing incentives that will be effective on November 29. Release 22 will also allow mailers to provide electronic documentation and retrieve Mailer IDs, Customer Registration IDs, and Full-Service feedback using Mail.XMLTM. The PostalOne! Release Notes will be posted on RIBBS Friday, November 20th (today).

You can’t get release notes for the major Full Service supporting PostalOne! release scheduled for implementation on November 29th until Friday, November 20th.  You then have 5 business days to review and react to any changes that might affect you.

DMM Advisory
Guides Update – Postal ServiceTM Mail.XML Technical Specification has been updated. Postal Service Mail.XMLTechnical Specification for Postage Payment and Reporting (eDoc) – The specification was updated to correspond with Mail.XML version 7.0C.The error codes were updated and elaborations were added, several exceptions scenarios were updated and business rules were clarified. Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Appointment Scheduling (FAST®) – Error codes were updated and business rules were clarified. Postal Service Mail.XML Technical Specification for Profiles and Full Service Feedback – business rules were updated as well as state codes for ACSTM data.

Look in several different guides for lots of changes to specifications for Mail.XML.  Try to figure out what was updated, what was clarified, what was added, and what was changed.  Best of luck.


DMM Advisory:
Postage Statements submitted electronically prior to the software release as of November 15 cannot be finalized. A postage statement submitted prior to November 15 with a mailing date of November 15 or after cannot be finalized for payment by the USPS acceptance employee. The acceptance unit will notify the mailer/mail preparer (whoever submitted the electronic postage statement) to cancel the original job/postage statement and resubmit. The resubmitted job/postage statement must have a mailing date of November 15 or later.

On November 15 files that went through PostalOne! without a problem subsequently failed after November 16.  Your local acceptance clerks had no idea why and were unable to help.  This is what happened, and what you had to rework as a mailer, through no fault of your own.


DMM Advisory:
A list of known issues and workarounds, if available, is posted on RIBBS under PostalOne! Critical Issues List.

A bunch of stuff is broken, and the USPS knows about them, but it is still full steam ahead.  Go to RIBBS and try to find the Issues List.  Give up?  It is hidden at RIBBS, Intelligent Mail, Intelligent Mail Latest News, with a link to the list in the box on the right.  16 pages of issues and workarounds.  Again, best of luck.

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