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USPS Confirm Service Scan Rates

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Would anyone be willing to share their Confirm service experiences when mailing Flat rate mail with me?  I have been doing some research on Confirm service and Flats.
This is in the Q & As on the USPS Confirm page:

Q. Why are my flat scan rates lower than my first class scan rates?

A. Some flat mail has lower scan rates than letters since some USPS facilities do not have flat sorting equipment which automatically scans the PLANET Codes. More information on this issue, including a list of USPS facilities that do not have automated flat sorting equipment, is published in the Confirm Resources section of the Mail Tracking & Reporting website.

Would it be a safe assumption to think that with Intelligent Mail barcodes being implemented, these scan rates will rise dramatically?
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April 8th, 2009 at 8:58 am

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