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USPS Server Meltdown – Shipping API Web Services

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I have seen numerous articles and posts on the web the past couple of days regarding USPS Shipping Web Services outtages.  According to this post, Slashdot | USPS Server Meltdown. the Shipping API web services has been down for at least an entire day.  Two weeks before the Christmas holiday is about the worst timing possbile for sellers who rely on USPS shipping to service their customers.

Although most of my readers are into more Mailing than Shipping Services, I have to tell you, this situation does not forbode well for the “paperless” future envisioned with Intelligent Mail.  One of the major unresolved topics coming up in MTAC circles and workgroups is “what happens if when everything crashes”?

There is an alert posted today on the main USPS site that says “ALERT:  Online Systems Interruptions” – better late than never, although most anyone using these systems knew that there was a problem long before it was posted.  Updates to the situation are being posted here:

If the delay in communication and the inability of the Postal Service to resolve these issues quickly is any indication of what we can expect when Intelligent Mail goes online next May, I am more than worried at this point. It is going to be an interesting ride, that is certain.

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December 10th, 2008 at 11:02 am

Revamped USPS RIBBS Site

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The USPS has launched a completely redone RIBBS website here  The redesign has taken the site from a hard-to-navigate, impossible-to-find-anything site to one that looks like it from this century.  The navigable site indexes are a major improvement.  Printing, always an issue at the old site, has been made easier and more reliable.  There are some great Flats Sequencing System resources, Intelligent Mail resources, as well a graphic link where visitors can access the MTAC minutes.

Users can still access the “classic” RIBBS version – but for me, at least, the classic version will soon be nothing more than nostalgia.

Written by Lisa.Bowes

December 10th, 2008 at 10:27 am

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