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Intelligent Mail Guides

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New Guides have been posted to the RIBBS site –

The Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats is here:

There is a new PostalOne! Technical Guide for Mail.XML here:

One of the major flaws in the USPS RIBBS site is that you cannot tell when something has been updated.   can tell that the Intelligent Mail Guide is new only after downloading it and looking at the Version and date (Version 4, December 2008.

I will be reviewing the guides this morning, look for an update on what I find in the content later today.

Here are a list of changes in Version 4 of the Guide to Intelligent Mail for Letters and Flats:

>Clarification of Uniqueness between Basic and Full Service
>Add Agency scenario to Cast of Characters
>Wording change to section 3.4 (IMb Lower repeated)
>Add Appendix D “Future Capabilities and Development Resource Mapping”
>Replace Mail.XML 5.0 with Mail.XML 6.0
>Clarifications made to the Spoilage section
>Update to Feedback Methods
>Update to reflect IMR
>Better define non-automation
>Add FAST Joint Scheduling details
>Update Mail.XML message names
>Update to reflect Release 1
>Cast of Characters timing

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