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USPS Labeling List Redesign Efforts

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MTAC Presentation, Labeling List Redesign, presnted by Jeff Williamson, USPS Mgr, Network Development and Support

Labeling Lists are lists which contain destination ZIP Codes with the corresponding postal facility destination information.  Mailers, presort services, and shippers use the label lists as a reference in order to properly label mail trays, sacks and pallets for delivery.

One of the current flaws in the label list system occurs because the timing of label list changes is out of sync with service standard changes.  Phase II of the effort is in progress now, and hopes to result in alignment of label list changes with service standard changes.

This presentation drew applause from the MTAC audience of mailers and mail owners who have long struggled with inconsistencies and other difficulties posed by the current system.   Changes will be welcomed.

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December 2nd, 2008 at 12:34 pm

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